Harlow Deanery Mission Strategy

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Bishop David to Visit Deanery Synods before Retirement

‘Trans’ as in Transition: having to do with the oversight of change in one way or another. Bishop David is in transition to retirement, and we are in transition in the church (Transforming Presence etc.) Bishop a David will help us to think about transition and our leadership.
Transition is a time of uncertainty. Cp ‘Transom’, with its overtones of a strong line of movement. And there are many other ‘trans’ words, including ‘Transforming’. This word is overarching and visionary.
In Exodus the People of God handled extreme transition very badly. Who can blame them? God led them by cloud by day, and by fire by night. It was though all too easy to grumble, eg when they were three days without water in the desert. They were in a serious situation and moaned against their leaders. ‘You brought us into this desert to starve to death’.
God provided Manna and quail. But it finally turned into a crisis of faith. ‘Has God abandoned us?’
Our changes are nothing compared to this! But we too can easily begin to lose faith, either in the diocese or other leadership! or even in God himself.
When we are up against it, what come to the fore are primal human needs. They always do: the need for security, food and relationships.
God meets us in all sorts of way. Eg on the Eucharist, the food and drink of heaven. All the references in the Eucharist are to periods of intense transition. All too easily we institutionalise and domesticate the Eucharist. We need the overtones of the Transit Cafe where we grab enough food to see us through the day.
In the desert, perhaps the problem was that there were not enough places where people could grumble in a safe place. That place of relationship is so important for us all, so that we don’t just point the finger, moan, winge and disable.
Bishop David will expand on this in his visits.

Harlow Deanery Quiet Day – Saturday 9th November 2013



10 am – 4 pm

Aim: to explore the broad themes of the Deanery Response to Transforming Presence in a relaxed, contemplative way.

All warmly welcomed, not just Synod members

Download further details:

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Go for Growth! – at Chelmsford Cathedral

Go for Growth! – at Chelmsford Cathedral

Saturday, 1 February 2014 from 10:00 to 16:00

A day exploring the many resources that are available to enable your church to grow new Christians.
This is a unique one off event preparing our parishes for mission in 2014 and beyond.
The day includes seminars, workshops and keynote addresses from the Bishop of Chelmsford and Revd Mike Booker author of Evangelism-which way now? an evaluation of nurture courses today.